Church Retreat Announcement

Dear brothers and sisters and friends:

Behold,how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell in unity(Psa 133:1). We are excited to announce that Church In Burlingame’s blending retreat will be on this Sept,27 – Sept,29 in Angel Camp. We praise Lord that we have such an opportunity to be blended together with 3days and 2 nights. We believe Lord will use this time to greatly bless His church through our corporate living together. During this trip, we will move together, live together, eat together, meet together, have activities together, rest together and enjoy Lord together, and such a living is best living on the earth, it’s reality of our church life, and it’s a living which can preserve us, sanctify us, transform us and conform us to the image of His son in order to carry out His divine economy. Therefore please do mark your calendar right now and separate this period of time for the Lord and His church and pray that through this retreat Lord would work Himself more into us , and cause us to enjoy His church as corporate Emmanuel!


Please use this website( to register yourself and your family or ask brothers to help you to register.


“看哪,弟兄和睦同居,是何等的善,何等的美!”(诗133:1)。我们很高兴地宣布,Burlingame 召会将于9月27至9月29日在Angel Camp举行相调活动。感谢主给我们这样一个机会,使我们大家可以有三天两晚的时间调在一起。我们相信主在这段时间里会借着这样的团体生活来大大祝福祂的召会。在这次相调旅行中,我们将一起行动,一起起居,一起吃饭,一起聚集,一起活动,并一起享受主。这样的生活乃是在地上最美好的生活,也是我们的召会生活的实际。这样的一种生活可以保守我们,圣别我们,变化我们,并使我们渐渐模成祂的儿子形象,以完成祂神圣的经纶。因此,请现在就把这次相调活动写上你的日程表并分别这段时间归给主和祂的召会。求主借着这次相调把祂自己更多的做到我们里面,使我们能享受祂的召会作团体的以马内利!